While there is a lot of colourful and fancy design in the numerous Huawei UI themes, the calling and Contacts apps are both very minimal in design. As in, there is almost no design here to speak of.

Huawei Call log

The designers were absent on the day this was made.

Both apps are white screens with black text and numbers, punctuated by thumbnail photos if you have any assocaited with your contacts.

The dialling app is especially bare, with a keypad below a log of recent calls. If you have made no calls, this is just a half-screen of white space.

The app does feature speed dialling though, which is a common feature on most phones these days. Basically, this gives you the option to enter a phone number, or type in the name of a contact using the T9 dial-pad.

In the Contacts app, you can select which source you wish to view contacts from; be that your SIM card, Google Account, work email account or a combination of all the accounts you have synced on the device. Frustratingly, there is no way to filter out contacts with no phone number associated (like Twitter contacts) so we've found our list to be quite an unruly mess.

Actually placing and receiving calls was fine during our review. The earpiece speaker was loud enough and the people we spoke with commented that we sounded clear. Not extraordinarily loud or clear, but good enough.