htc tattoo camera

The idea of a 3.2MP camera on a phone is hardly going to excite anybody nowadays, especially not now the likes of the Sony Ericsson Satio have well and truly raised the bar for camera functionality.

Saying that, we didn't have a problem with the HTC Tattoo's camera, it just didn't blow us away. Comparing it to a Fujifilm Finepix 52000HD (with settings changed to 3MP) the difference in picture quality when shooting in the midday light was nominal.


There were a number of functions to play with but we couldn't see much of a difference in any of them. Although there are no scene modes, you can tweak ISO from automatic to 800 and also change the white balance settings.

These settings were where we saw the most difference, but it has to be said that the camera couldn't pick out fine detail. It bleached out the whites and purples of the flower we took shots of and no tweak to the WB settings would change this. Couple this with a lack of flash and what you have is a point and shoot camera and no more.


SAMPLE: The HTC Tattoo did a commendable job in bright situations, though some detail is lost in the background

When you are in camera mode, it is easy to flick to camcorder mode – this is one of the myriad updates that Android 1.6 brings to the phone.

Again, the camcorder won't blow you away but sound on the video is good. Resolution on the video is passable but we have seen far better. It is the same as the HTC Hero, recording video to 352 x 288. Interestingly, you actually have to go in and set this option yourself. By default, the setting is at Medium (320 x 240).

white balance

SAMPLE: The white balance option, for us, was poor. Here the auto function made the scene dark and the main flower is almost blurred, lacking detail


SAMPLE: Although the image is brighter, there are still serious problems with the whiteness of the flower, with no real detail being picked out at all

There is also an option of Small, but we personally wouldn't touch that unless you were really pushed for memory on the phone.

There is an option to directly send your images/videos to Facebook and Flickr, which is warranted. Although we would have also liked a direct-to-YouTube link-up.