As with Android phones, the HTC Tattoo is fully equipped to be an internet browsing device. Getting on the web is fairly straight-forward, just choose the Browser app and type the web address you want into the bar.


It's much easier, however, to sort out the bookmarks on the phone and browse from there. There is an Add Bookmarks facility which is easy to use.

Web access is speedy and we weren't waiting too long for web pages to load up – around seven seconds for a non-image heavy screen like a Wikipedia page.

Once you are on the web, the problems with resistive screens soon appear. There is no pinch and zoom on the HTC Tattoo and navigating your way around takes that little bit added pressure when using the touchscreen.

htc tattoo

A zoom option is at the bottom of the screen at all times however, and though there is more jitter than expected in this feature, it is definitely welcomed.

And there is also the tried and tested double tap feature to make the text on the screen fit the screen, nice and big to read.

When it comes to the hallowed Flash video, while the HTC Tattoo is described as 'capable' of playing Flash, it didn't seem to want to for us. It's fine when it comes to YouTube videos.


However, videos which are embedded in web pages will play – although you will be ported to the dedicated YouTube client which is on the phone. This is no bad thing, and should be something that HTC looks to do for all Flash videos. At the moment, it feels like Flash and mobile phones just don't mix.

When browsing a video, press menu and there are a number of options to help your web browsing along. Included is copy and paste, the ability to share a page, and information regarding your viewing history.

By default, the phone takes you to mobile versions of the websites you wish to view. If this is something you don't want, then you can also turn this option off by digging deeper and checking out the web settings on the phone.

As for the amount of windows you can have open at one time, it's limited to four. This is no bad thing and does cut down on confusion when trying to navigate through the mobile web.