The bread and butter of any phone is how easy it is to make calls on it. In the HTC Tattoo's case, it's very easy. On the home screen, just click the Phone tab and you are into your contacts database.

phione dialler

The dial pad is the first thing you will notice when on this screen. This isn't just there to type in full numbers, you can use it as a quick link to the number you want. Simply tap the number with the letter that your contact's name starts with and it will jump to that section.

This is something that doesn't take too long to get used to. If you do get annoyed with it (and we were getting irked with the default button tone which can thankfully be switched off in settings) then hit the grid button on the bottom left and you will have full scrolling reign of all your contacts.

Here you can scroll through and choose a number. If you don't want to use the screen, then the HTC's four-way navigational button can also be used to scroll down – we knew it had a use!

When you click on a contact it will start ringing immediately. This takes a while to get used to, as we just stared at the screen not knowing if it was ringing or not until the person we were ringing started shouting at us. To end the call, just press the angry red End Call button.


Hold down your finger on a contact and you will be able to see what messages they have sent to you and other snippets of information.

The calls themselves we couldn't fault. The quality was crisp and clear, and we didn't have any comments about our own voice being distant or muffled. Turning up the sound, courtesy of the HTC Tattoo's side button did make a difference, but it also added a slight crackle. This didn't happen all of the time and may well be put down to reception.

As long as you remember to press the End Call button, then you shouldn't have a problem ending a phone call. It sounds like an obvious thing, but it's not, as you instinctively want to press the real Power button on the right-side of the phone.

This won't end a call, just annoy you and the person on the other end. You can press the Back button to end a call, however.