Well, we were all excited about the chance to check out the 720p video recording on the Trophy, so went out and found a subject worthy of the HD goodness. Have a look below.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/techradar#p/u/7/pYD-7oDhsIg&hd=1

HTC 7 trophy

What. Garbage.

No, not the violin guy. He's awesome. The video is just totally appalling. It's jerky, the colours are inaccurate (everything's washed out except for red, which stands out horribly).

There's no detail to speak of, yet the video's bitrate is 8Mbps. Where the hell's all that bandwidth going? Especially considering the recording rate is only 24 frames per second. We have no problem with 24fps, but you'd expect a higher frame rate with all that data being used and no detail coming of it.

Honestly, there's no improvement in quality over using the VGA 640 x 480 setting. You might as well save yourself the memory and use that.

And while we're at it, Windows Phone 7's most annoying habit is the way it reverts to VGA every time you close the camera app, so even if 720p was any good, you'd still likely end up accidentally shooting in VGA. Fix this please, Microsoft.