Populating the People hub on the HTC 7 Trophy, as with other Windows Phone handsets, is pretty much unavoidable. Signing into your Windows Live account can bring contacts from there, while adding another service, such as Gmail, can bring down those contacts too.

HTC 7 trophy

To fill out information on those contacts, you can then link them all to your Facebook account. You have the option of bringing in all your Facebook friends, or adding those that already have a contact entry.

If the Trophy doesn't connect a contact to its relevant Facebook profile for some reason, you can go into the contact and do it manually. You can also do this to link any duplicate contact entries to each other. It's an extremely painless process.

The contact list in the People can be scrolled down, you can bring up a list of letters, or you can hit the Search button and type in who you're looking for.

Enter a contact and you'll see their name at the top along with a little note to tell you where the information is being drawn from. Their main profile will feature a picture (this will be their Facebook profile picture if you've just left the phone to its own devices and not added one yourself) and their last Facebook status update will be next to the image.

HTC 7 trophy

Below that, you get context-sensitive options for each bit of contact information your have for them. Calling, texting, writing on their Facebook wall and emailing them are all just a click away, although it's a shame there's no 'message through Facebook' option.

Flick to the right on the Profile page and you'll see their What's New screen, which is essentially a kind of Facebook news feed for that person's wall.

If you're adding a new contact, you're presented with a fairly typical information input screen, but with one nice addition. There's an Account button, asking which of your online contacts lists it should sync the new contact with (so it could be your Windows Live or Google account, for example).

HTC 7 trophy

The dialling screen on the Trophy is just a simple set of numbers, and doesn't have the smart contacts dialler that other phones do. However, it's simple to get to your contacts list from the call screens and find who you're looking for.

HTC 7 trophy

We found that the HTC 7 Trophy was really strong at picking up and holding signal – better than a lot of other smartphones in known problem spots. Similarly, data connection speeds were very strong.

Call quality was pretty good, though not amazing. The ear speaker didn't stand up too well to loud traffic, but voices were nice and clear. The external speaker can get very loud, though is quite shrill and distorted at very high volumes, which doesn't make it ideal for speech.