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Dell Streak (Android 2.2) review

Dell's five-inch Android offering now comes with Froyo

The definitive Dell Streak review
The definitive Dell Streak review

Dell Streak review: Battery

Swing by any forum for pretty much any Android device and we'd be amazed if there isn't a lengthy thread discussing the battery life of said device.

Something else you'll notice on these forum threads is that people with the exact same devices will have very different battery life experiences, be that because of different usage or different apps running that might drain more power than others.

Dell streak review: battery

Dell has done a good job with it, though. The Streak easily lasts us a full day with 40 per cent battery left. This includes an hour of music playing and an hour or two of screen-on time, plus half the day spent on a decent Wi-Fi connection, the other half on a 3G data connection.

Dell streak review

There are many devices we've seen that would be struggling near the end of the evening (such as the HTC Desire), but not the Dell Streak.


The Dell Streak comes with QuickOffice already installed. In theory, with QuickOffice you can view documents on your phone. In reality, we struggled to do this on many occasions.

Dell streak review: quickoffice

In QuickOffice you get the option to log in to your Google Documents account, Dropbox account or many others. We had no problems here, but over half the files (Word and Excel files) on Dropbox wouldn't open on QuickOffice. Opening Google Docs was fine, but how much use is this really if you can't edit them?

Of course, you can organise most of your life through the many great apps and mobile sites Google has to offer, such as the calendar and contacts, which will sync with your Google account, so you can look things up or add things through any computer browser.

Dell streak review: calendar