Dell Streak review: Internet

Surfing the web is of the strengths of the Dell Streak. The huge screen lends itself to browsing, with no need to keep zooming in and out to see what's on the current page.

Dell streak review android broswer

The browser used is the standard Android browser, which is simple but effective. We found it easily whisked us in and out of pages on a decent connection, including sites with Flash content (thanks to Froyo), provided you have the Flash plugin installed for free from the Market.

Dell streak review android broswer

Not only is the screen large, but text shows crystal clear and images look vibrant. Should you want to zoom in on a certain area, simply double tap and text gets rearranged to fit into your new screen view. Double tap the screen again to come back to full page view.

The standard browser doesn't technically have tabbed browsing, but it does allow you to open multiple windows. A few presses allows you to switch back and forth between pages.

Dell streak review tabbed browsing

Apple will tell you that Flash slows down your browser, but Android has the answer to this and its called 'available on demand'. Select this in browser settings and instead of loading Flash content as a page loads, it renders the page but leaves empty boxes where the Flash parts would be. A simple tap and the content is loaded for you. It's really quite an impressive system.

Dell streak review flash on demand

BBC's iPlayer ran very nicely in the browser, and looked and sounded fantastic on the Streak too with little slowdown, although it wasn't perfect all the time.