Dell Streak review: messaging

The messaging app on the Streak is a pretty standard deal. What perhaps sets the Streak aside from other phones is the inclusion of Swype as standard.

This was a bit of an odd twist, though. We generally love Swype for thumbing in text messages at great speed, but the Streak just isn't a one handed device. If you hold it portrait and wrap your hand all the way round the Streak, in a firm grip, we challenge you to reach the Q with your thumb…

Turn it landscape and you have even less reason to use Swype. If you happen to press a second letter while your thumb is still on the first, all kind of odd words will appear in your messages.

Dell streak review messaging

You do, of course, have the option of installing a third-party keyboard, or simply changing your input device to the standard Android keyboard. Once we'd done this, we found it to be a breeze to type on, either landscape or portrait with both thumbs or even flat on a desk, typing using multiple fingers at quite some speed.

In the Messaging app itself, your text messages are grouped, or threaded, with the contact picture showing on the left.

Dell streak review messaging list

Tapping on a thread will open the conversation up, allowing you to review what's been said so far and to type a response right there in the bottom.

It does lack any kind of theme or appearance options, but these can be found in other messaging apps such as Go SMS in the Android Market. You can change your notification settings though, including the message tone and if you want your Streak to vibrate to alert you when a text is received.

As with messaging, the email app included is the standard Android app. We found the extra screen real estate meant reading and replying to emails on the Streak was a comfortable operation.

Dell streak review

The Gmail app wirelessly integrates with your Google mail account. We found it quite handy to allow access to other pop e-mail accounts and run them all through Gmail.

By using auto-labelling, you have great control over your incoming emails. With plenty of online space for them, you can archive rather than delete, and always be able to find information people have mailed you.

Should you prefer to manage your POP/IMAP accounts independently, use the standard email app for this. Usually you will just need to provide your username and password and possibly the mail server name, and the Streak will do the rest.