Dell Streak review: Contacts and calling

The dialler on the Dell Streak is a simple but effective affair. Hit the phone icon as you would on other Android 2.2 devices, and your dialler appears.

On the right are nice big number buttons for dialling; on the left are answer phone, microphone, delete and call buttons.Along the top are your fairly standard Phone, Call Log, Contacts and Favorites tabs.

Dell streak review dialler screen

Although you might feel a little silly with something so large held against your ear, one thing's for sure: you'll have no trouble understanding whoever you're talking to on the Streak.

Maybe an advantage Dell has with more space inside the device is room for a decent speaker, because the Streak has given is some of the clearest call quality we can recall for some time.

An advantage Android has as a system is that it stores much of your information in the cloud. When you add a contact, it gets added to your Gmail account contacts. If something should happen to your phone and you get a replacement, you can simply log back into your Google account and all your contacts will reappear.

Dell streak review facebook sync

Another neat trick is that once you log into the Facebook app, you can select to sync contact information. Provided your contact names match your friends' actual names, their Facebook profile picture will be linked to the contact on your phone