Dell Streak review: Interface

The Dell Streak comes with it's own, unique user interface called Stage Launcher. One great improvement this brings is that the Streak can now be used landscape or portrait, which wasn't previously possible with the 1.6 version.

Dell streak review home screen in portrait

As custom launchers go, Stage Launcher looks quite nice. It comes with a selection of Stage widgets that appear to sit on a large metallic shelf. These widgets resize well as you move the phone from landscape to portrait, which is more than can be said for most standard Android widgets.

Most of those look a little odd when using the Streak in landscape mode (which is how we believe the Streak should be used), such as the YouTube widget being cut off three quarters of the way down.

Dell streak review squashed widgets

One feature of the launcher is that you can tap slightly above or below the app drawer button and seven icons will pop up. They only sit there for a second before retreating from whence they came, so if you're quick, you can press one to jump to that particular Home screen.

Home screens with Stage widgets on are represented as such with a relevant icon. Screens with third-party widgets on are simple a little Android icon.This is Dell's way of compensating for the lack of a similar feature to HTC's Leap View.

Dell streak review stage widget

However, we actually found this quite annoying. Quite often we wanted to open the app drawer and found ourselves repeatedly bringing these seven icons to the bottom of the screen. Even when we wanted to use these icons, they drop down again so quickly that it took longer than just swiping to the screen we wanted.