When it comes to organising your contacts, the BlackBerry is as good as anything. But when it comes to call quality on this particular model, it could be better.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

We found voice calls to be on the quiet side, with a little bit of background noise – a slight hiss, if you like – although we didn't experience any complete drops in the network during calls.

The Pearl 3G is a mid- to high-end handset and for the money you'll be paying, it should be better in terms of making and taking calls.

It's slightly frustrating, because everything else in that area is as good as, if not better, than expected. Ringtones, for example, are loud and there's a number to choose from (with the option of adding your own too) and the ability to assign tones to various contacts is always a nice touch.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

Talking of contacts, the Pearl 3G offers it all and more. Using the same contacts system as your average business-friendly BlackBerry, you might be a little daunted when you add a friend.

After all, does your best mate really have six phone numbers, two fax numbers, a pager, two emails, a company and a job title? Of course not. Just stick in a name, number and email, just those details will show on the completed page. But if your friends ever do take over the world, there's room to expand the entry.

BlackBerry pearl 3g

It's not included as standard, but if you happen to be a Google user, download Google Sync. It will drop all of your friends and contacts into your BlackBerry contacts, keeping it updated as they change. It should save your fingers several weeks of typing duty.