We mentioned this in the camera section of the review, but the best way to view your files is through the NemoPlayer Home screen media widget, which fans out into albums and dates, and can be easily flicked through with the thumb.

Clicking on the relevent thumbnail opens that particular album in an attractive gallery feature.

NemoPlayer replaces the standard Android media player to showcase your galleries, music and video under one banner, which is an interesting approach.

Acer liquid e

The problems reported with the first Acer Liquid, which saw the app crash whenever you tried to view a video on the new incarnation of the handset has now been resolved.

It's good to see because the scrollwheel Home screen widget is one of the more attractive reasons to adopt this phone.

The NemoPlayer widget does dominate a lot of that vital Home screen real estate, but also allows you to easily tab between photos, audio and video content with one-touch access, while also showcasing thumbnails, so it's definitely worth keeping there.

Beyond that, sadly, the unofficial Beeb Player app has disappeared from the Android Market, so there'll be no BBC iPlayer content for you. We're still waiting for the official nod from the Corporation.

The Android YouTube widget is implemented well here, allowing easy uploads and easy sharing, and shooting direct to the streaming service.

In terms of listening to music, the all-encompassing NemoPlayer does a decent enough job, and the Home screen widget allows you to select artists directly, which is a nice bonus.

The phone is capable of playing MP3, M4A WMA, WAV and iTunes' AAC files.

Inside the application, album art runs along the top tab allowing you select albums from there, but in most cases, album art resisted the switch from the PC and we were left with bland musical notes as icons.

Acer liquid e

The NemoPlayer app is one of the few areas where Acer opts to superimpose its will on top of the Android OS, so we have to give it a little credit.

You can still access the official Android music player, but for the sake of convenience you'll probably end up using NemoPlayer.

Audio quality isn't particularly great. An iPod touch it most certainly is not. The external speaker is terrible, not just encroaching on back-seat-of-the-bus territory, but building a chav fort there, thanks to some disgustingly tinny low-quality playback. Even Ma Radar commented on how bad it was.

The bundled in headphones are okay, but you'll need some decent cans to enable decent audio playback.

With video, NemoPlayer showcases footage you've copied over to the device alongside your captured video in the Home screen scroll wheel. One push on a thumbnail commences playback.

Video playback on the trailers we downloaded and transferred over to the device looked very good on the Liquid E's screen, and playback was fluid and lived up to the resolution of the footage. The device is capable of handling MPEG4, H.263/4 and, surprisingly, WMV files.

Multimedia performance, as a whole, is as expected, but Android's 2.1's gallery widget is in a different league to everything else on the phone.