Browsing the web on an Android phone is always a painless experience, thanks to the native browser packed full of logical and straightforward functionality, but on this great screen it really is a joy.

With multi-touch on board it's easy to pinch-to-zoom and get close in on text and images thanks to the capacitive touchscreen and although text isn't reformatted to fit the new window, the experience isn't unduly affected.

Acer liquid e

Text is reproduced brilliantly even when zoomed to the maximum level and everything re-renders very quickly thanks to the snappy Snapdragon processor.

It would have been even quicker had Acer let it off the leash to achieve its 1GHz potential, rather than the 768GHz it currently operates at.

Acer liquid e

Double-tapping on the screen zooms out to a full page view or in close depending on the area of the screen you're looking to focus on.

The bookmarks tab to the left of the URL bar also gives easy access to your history and most visited pages, and it's also fair to mention the custom-built Bookmarks 'fan' widget on the Home screen again. The design is nice, serving up a visual reminder of the last page you visited on that site.

Acer liquid e

It's also really easy to share pages in a plethora of ways, with official Twitter and Facebook apps, email and RoadSync among the many options.

There's still no Flash player to speak of on the handset, which is strange considering that the pre-loaded and instantly dispensable Acer bookmarks, are all heavily Flash-based.