This isn't one of the more pleasant experiences when using this phone. It seems that it's impossible to turn of the haptic vibrations when typing out a message on the standard keyboard, which seems to slow down the entire process because the phone is always trying to catch up with itself.

It doesn't seem like a processor problem, because everything else is pretty slick. We've had this issue before on phones, turned the vibrations off, and it has been much easier to type, but here we couldn't turn them off even when doing so in the Android settings menu.

The text messaging interface is in-line with the familiar Android experience, with threaded messages, so there's no problem there, but actually typing it is a different experience altogether.

In portrait mode, the Liquid E's keys are a little too rounded and mistakes are a regular occurrence.

The space key is largely unresponsive and you have to access the numbers and symbols screen to type a comma. In the comma's place is a globe key to select language.

Why on earth does that need to be there instead of a comma? Worse still, if you hit it by accident, you have to trawl through all the languages to get back to English.

It also seems a little bit too keen to guess what you're typing. The dictionary functionality is great, and suggested words do appear in a menu below the text field, but the phone seems to second guess you more often than is necessary.

Acer liquid e

Often, one mistake can veer you off in a completely different direction, we were typing "they're" and made one mistake and all of a sudden the suggested word was "turther". We can't even begin to make sense of that one.

Type "Shearer" and the suggested word was "endeared". That may explain how we feel when we see Alan Shearer's face, but how does the phone figure that's what we wanted to type?

Acer liquid e

In other cases, it fails to correct when it really needs to. Why would the phone think we want to type "wad" instead of "was"? It won't even give us an apostrophe for I'm. It thinks we want to type "in". Backwards.

This happens time and time again and it makes typing a text a quite laborious and often infuriating experience.

The lack of reliability also removes being able to use the space bar to accept the suggested word. We typed "Maxi" and by the time we'd finished the text, we'd sent "Nazi". Not cool.

It's easier to type in landscape mode though, but that doesn't solve the problems.

Acer liquid e

One good thing about texting is the auto re-send functionality that will send your unsent messages when you regain signal, rather than having to do it manually.

Email functionality suffers from the same problems, although the organic Android 2.1 email interface on the Liquid E works very well. You can add Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts very easily, and there's no messing about with POP/IMAP settings or incoming/outgoing servers.

Acer liquid e

Each inbox is colour coded, and you can choose the default account from which you want to send email. There's also combined inbox functionality too, but still no sign of threaded emails.

You'll need the native Gmail app for that. RoadSync is also built-in as standard allowing easy access to your Exchange email.