As with all new Android phones, filling your contacts book is an absolute doddle and can be done within minutes.

Say what you will about Google and privacy, but if you've ever used an Android phone before, repopulating the contacts folder on a new phone is painless.

Unless you've spent a long time refining your Google address book, there'll be a lot of unwanted contacts on there, so you'll need to do a little deleting.

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Something that stood out to us, when setting up our contacts book was the ability to add our Twitter contacts into the mix, alongside Google, Facebook and SIM address books.

It's easy to hide Facebook, so your contacts folder isn't jam-packed full of the acquaintances who were mean to you at school. Facebook friends are listed in the Others section, beneath your phone contacts. Twitter pals also live there too.

Unfortunately we couldn't find a way to merge contacts, so the only ones who appear as both Facebook and Google contacts are those you've previously merged on other devices.

We tried changing names in the hope that they'd recognise each other and sync-up, but with no joy.

Those contacts that do have a Facebook profile attached to them have an "F" icon beneath their name alongside the "G" for Google.


Call quality is good, and audio was clear but not always reliable. We had to reset the phone because the recipients of our calls could not hear us. Upon reset the problem was solved and we've not experienced the same thing since. Still, it was quite worrying.

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Accessing your call contacts is straight forward as you can simply start typing a name into the dialpad, but this is one area of the phone that isn't quite as fluid. The haptic feedback seems to delay things somewhat.

For some reason, quite annoyingly, phone numbers are formatted in the American style 123-456-78901 style. No big deal, but still we'd like our numbers to be familiar.

Another interesting feature was the ability to put a contact on hold and make a second call, which is handy in a "hang on a second, I'll just ask him, let me put you on hold" kind of way.

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Call quality comes through loud and clear from both the internal and the external speaker and no amount of holding it in different places could cause the signal to drop. Trust us, we tried, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Jobsy.