Microsoft Office comes preloaded as a full app, not a trial, which is useful. It also has GPS on board and while Google Maps isn't preloaded, it's straightforward to download and install.

There's no bundled sat-nav either, but again, this being a Windows Mobile device, you've got an embarrassment of options to choose from all the major providers.


The 256MB of onboard memory won't take you very far and although there's a microSDHC memory card slot which can handle up to 32GB, though there's none supplied.


Battery life proved to be quite shocking. Yes, it's a high-spec device, and all those functions need a lot of juice, but other Windows Mobile devices have the same problems, and most of them seem to manage them better than the Acer DX900.

We barely made it through a day of moderate to heavy use, which admittedly did involve Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and browsing action.

It's well worth taking advantage of Window's battery-saving options, like dimming the screen, keeping the time-out limit short, and maybe even disabling one of the SIMs if you don't plan to use it for a while