Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v

We must point out once again that this unit is pre-production, and so we must be prepared to forgive the odd glitch here and there. The clunky browser performance and the crashing issues should all be polished out before the 10.1V goes on sale – if they're not, we'll be very surprised.

We liked:

This tablet is a lightning-quick performer and a capable multitasker. Even when running multiple widgets across every hoemscreen, and a range of games and apps running at the same time, we were able to switch between each running process with ease and speed.

While Android 2.2 tablets including the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch were hampered by a lack of compatibility with most apps in the Android Market, there are no such complaints for this model.

While there are still apps that aren't compatible with Android 3.0 tablets, they won't show up if you search the Android Market from within the device anyway. And if you use the web-based Android Market on a computer, it's very simple to filter out the apps that aren't compatible with your device.

The 8MP camera is a great feature. We just don't see the point in including a rear-facing camera sensor unless it's able to capture a decent image – and that's a dig at the iPad 2 in case you hadn't noticed.

We disliked:

The glitches we experienced were irritating but we don't see them impacting anyone who purchases a finished unit. We'll re-review it once we get a final sample, so stay tuned for more info on this.

While the unit is well put together and solid, it does feel decidedly plasticky which will put some people off – especially those used to the solid, refined build quality of devices like the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

We'd have liked to see 1GB of RAM inside the unit, and although our testing didn't seem to suffer for it, double the memory would go a long way to future-proofing the device.

There's also no SD-card slot, so the only way to load content on and off the device is via the same proprietary iPhone-like Samsung USB connector.


Overall it's a bit of a gem then. We've given the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V a score of 4/5 although this is irrelevant now that the device has been cancelled!