Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v widgets

The Galaxy Tab 10.1V is a fantastic Android performer.

True multitasking is perhaps Android 3.0's biggest trump card over iPad 2's iOS 4.3 at present. Using the Tegra 2 CPU to instantly switch between running applications is an absolute joy.

Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v

We loaded up all three versions of Angry Birds, the web browser set to the TechRadar homepage, the camera app, BBC iPlayer app, Gmail and Google Sky Map all at once. We were able to switch between them at lightning speed and without any kind of delay.

Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v angry birds rio

The 10.1V handled everything we could throw at it without a hitch.


The web browsing experience on the 10.1V was perhaps the biggest drawback.

Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v browser

While sites like the BBC News homepage were handled with ease – scrolling and zooming was instantaneous and glitch-free - Flash-heavy websites didn't go down anywhere near as well. When we'd scroll or zoom, the whole page would have to be re-drawn, which would often take several seconds.

It was fairly clunky in this respect and absolutely not the user-friendly experience you would expect from a premium tablet like this.

Samsung galaxy tab 10 1v browser 2

However, it should be pointed out that the sample we tested was a pre-production model and so we would absolutely expect faults like this to be fixed before Vodafone puts it on sale.

Other glitches

While we're on the subject of glitches, there are more to report. Leaving the 10.1V on standby would often result in it turning itself off completely. One time when we restarted it, it failed to boot altogether and refused to play ball until it was allowed to completely ran out of charge and then put put through another charging cycle.

Again though, the pre-production nature of this unit means that we'd expect some problems like this. We have every expectation that these glitches will be absent from final retail models. We'll update this review as soon as we can get our hands on a finished sample and let you know what's what.


The Galaxy Tab 10.1V's media-playing capacity comes entirely courtesy of stock Android 3.0's standard capabilities.

Audio formats supported are MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, OGG, MIDI and AMD-NB/WB.

Supported video capabilities come in the shape of MPEG4, H263 and H264.

Remember, though, that this can all be modified by installing your own apps and modifications if you so wish. We'd highly recommend playing around with different audio and video players – the basic Android apps that come as part of the OS are just the start. There are a world of options available to you, and unless you explore a little, you won't be making full use of Android's greatest strengths.

Of course, you've also got compatibility with Flash 10.2 here - which means you've got instant access to the majority of web-based video.

We managed to play various HD movie files - the 720p and 1080p clips we threw at it were all handled perfectly well, although playing a 1080p file on a tablet like this is a frankly bit of a waste of time and battery life – the screen resolution is only 1280x800 remember.