Novatech ntablet

In the run-up to Christmas we're seeing an increasing number of tablet devices burst on to the market, and in most cases they're let down by poor build quality and a lack of overall slickness. For this reason we approached Novatech's nTablet with caution, hoping we would see another Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab instead of an Elonex eTouch 1000ET.

We liked

The Novatech nTablet is solidly built for the most part, which is reassuring when you slip it into a bag or case. The screen is firm and responsive, and also sharp and vibrant which makes it perfect for watching movies or simply browsing your holiday snaps.

Surfing the web on the Novatech nTablet is a relatively smooth experience with full multi-touch controls for zooming in and out. Flash is supported so you can stream video from the likes of YouTube.

You also get a decent range of ports and features, including some good networking options and up to 64GB of storage.

We disliked

The Novatech nTablet unfortunately doesn't offer the same slick experience of the iPad, mostly thanks to the Windows 7 OS which is much clunkier on a touch screen device. Selecting menu options and even minimising windows can be a real trial.

The Novatech nTablet is also chunkier and heavier than many of its brethren, making it uncomfortable to hold one-handed. The screen picks up smudges very quickly and is highly reflective, so outdoors use is limited.

Performance is also limited, and any attempt at multitasking really grinds things to a halt. We had some issues streaming from sites such as BBC iPlayer, with the video occasionally stuttering.

Finally, the very poor battery life means you'll have to charge the nTablet nightly and pack the charger on trips.


Although the Novatech nTablet has a strong, responsive touch screen and a solid build, we can't recommend it over the likes of the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The overall experience just isn't as satisfying and the many little quirks quickly add up.

If the asking price was less we'd say it's a good budget option but if you're splashing out this much on a tablet, you might as well add a little extra and treat yourself to something better.

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