The Novatech nTablet's 10.1-inch capacitive screen is a definite highlight. With a 1,024 x 600-pixel resolution, it's perfectly crisp, which quickly becomes apparent when watching video or working on highly detailed spreadsheets.

Contrast levels are excellent, with perfectly deep blacks, and it's a bright display too. Of course, it's also highly reflective, so using the Novatech nTablet outdoors or in a brightly lit room results in the swift onset of a migraine.

Novatech ntablet

When browsing our photo collection or relaxing with a movie, we were impressed by what we saw. Images are colourful with realistic tones, and there was no hint of motion blur or other warning signs. The Novatech nTablet's screen is certainly large enough to comfortably watch full-length films, and beats squinting at a tiny phone screen when you need entertaining on those dreary commutes.

However, the screen picks up fingerprints and scuff marks ridiculously easily, and requires regular cleaning. This is a bit of a problem considering it's a touchscreen, so there's no avoiding swiping your grimy fingers all over it.

Although there are two tiny speakers built into the back of the Novatech nTablet, they're understandably weak. We'd recommend using some good-quality headphones.

The Novatech nTablet has a built-in accelerometer that automatically re-aligns the desktop when you rotate the device. Sensitivity levels are perfect, shifting the display around only when needed as opposed to every time you accidentally tilt the nTablet. However, rotation takes a couple of seconds instead of the smooth, instant action we'd have liked.

Three face buttons are lined up along the right edge. The power button is self-explanatory and also puts the Novatech nTablet into hibernation. However, the Back and Home buttons do nothing except switch the Wi-Fi on and off when using Windows 7. Apparently they will function as expected with Google Android installed on the nTablet, or so claims a leaflet that came with the device.

The only other feature on the face of the device is a 1.3-mgeapixel webcam, which functions as expected during web chats. Quality is fine for a mobile device, certainly strong enough to wave to friends and family over Skype.

On the edges you'll find a generous number of ports, including two USB 2.0 connections for attaching peripherals such as a keyboard, and a mini-VGA port that can be used to hook the Novatech nTablet up to a compatible monitor.

Novatech ntablet

A microSD slot can be used to expand the 32GB of storage provided by the solid state drive. You can therefore have a maximum of 64GB of space, although a chunk of this is taken up by Windows, leaving you less room for your media.

Networking is strong, with 802.11n Wi-Fi available for connecting to wireless networks and Bluetooth built in. There's a SIM-card slot on one edge but you'll need to provide your own card to make use of 3G networks.