There's no doubt that the Android 4.0 browser is the most powerful Google offering to date, and we found that pages rendered quicker and aesthetically better than on Honeycomb based slates.

Gone is the patchy, slow-reveal of your favourite web sites, which now snap to life in a second. The overall load time may only be fractionally faster, but it's certainly more pleasing this way.

Navigation was also smooth, and there was no hint of judder, stutter or pause for thought when scrolling through long pages and articles. You can even use the multitouch mouse pad to scroll up and down naturally, just as you would on any laptop or MacBook.

Asus Transformer Pad 300 review

Web pages looked superbly clear, and we were impressed how easy it was to read text. Every millimetre of on-screen real estate is used, making browsing a pleasure, and pages fill the 10-inch screen, leading to a relaxing way to enjoy your favourite sites.

Flash is also supported in the native browser app, which will be a big draw for many users, and videos quickly fired into life, something that is really helped by the presence of that quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

Asus Transformer Pad 300 review

We also found the browser had some odd quirks, which detracted from the experience. Clicking on a link using the mouse sometimes zoomed in on the page rather than taking us to the next one. What's more, clicking a link often resulted in a page we visited earlier en route to that site appearing momentarily, before flicking on to the correct site.

Asus Transformer Pad 300 review

There are other browser options available though, with Opera a popular choice among power users. As the TF300 runs Ice Cream Sandwich, you can also take advantage of Chrome, which brings a host of needed upgrades to the browsing experience, and we'd certainly recommend this, and we found reliability improved dramatically.

If you're looking to surf the web on the move, there's more bad news. There's no 3G version of the TF300 slated, so you will have to stick with Wi-Fi to browse the web.