Symantec Norton One review

Complete online and PC security in a single bundle

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There's no denying that there is a lot of great antivirus software included with Norton One. Even on its own Norton 360 v6 is a fantastic product that covers a lot of bases, with password storage and syncing (Norton Identity Safe), backup features and PC performance tweakers nestling alongside traditional antivirus protection in the guise of Norton Internet Security 2012.

There are enough tools here to keep your computer protected and running well. Thanks to the 25GB of storage that you get with Norton One, the online backup features of Norton 360 v6 are of even more use - as in the standalone version you only get 2GB, while an upgrade to 5GB will cost you a further £29.99 a year. If you're interested in online backup, Norton One's £99/$149 asking price is suddenly looking a lot more reasonable.

We liked

Protection for multiple devices is good, and while it might seem initially baffling to include Norton Internet Security 2012 alongside Norton 360 v6, it does make sense, since if you have a laptop or netbook that's in danger of being bogged down with additional features, the option to just install the antivirus part is a welcome one.

The online interface is excellent as well, and lets you easily keep track of what devices you've installed what products on. It's clear and easy to understand, and makes updating and renewing subscriptions very easy.

We disliked

There's no denying that the £99/$149 a year asking price is a lot. Sure, if you think of it like a monthly membership deal then it only works out at £8.25/$12.50 a month. There is currently no option to pay monthly, although that may change.

Also the Norton Mobile Security package isn't actually that useful. You also get coverage for five devices, but a lot of households will probably have more if you count every laptop, PC and smartphone, so you may find yourself having to splash out to cover more devices.

Final verdict

The products included in Norton One are fast, responsive and most importantly they found and protected our test PC from the threats we threw at it. Norton 360 v6 is a great all-round security package, while recent security threats again Mac has strengthened the case for the case for Norton Internet Security for Mac, but Norton Mobile Security was a bit redundant.

However it was the headline membership perks that really caught our attention.

The fantastic tools aside the phone support was fantastic, with less than a two minute wait and a call back option available for even more convenience. The fact that round the clock instant phone help is included in the price is a massive plus.