CMStorm Sirus Gaming Headset review

This is one Sirusly sturdy headset...sorry...

CMStorm sirus gaming headset

We'd say it's subject to taste, but mapping out a soundscape digitally offers the opportunity to draw the sound away from the listener's ear; the Sirus with all it's drivers is limited to fixed points very near the ear.

If that's left you none the wiser as to the sound quality of this headset - it's good.

Pretty good. A bit bass heavy actually, which sounds great when you're gaming and emphasises all the sounds you'd want it to, but for listening to music (remember that audiophile quote earlier) the Sirus doesn't offer enough clarity to produce such an amazing listening experience.

Not that we'd say it to the Sirus's face; this headset could clearly have us.

It's an absolute meathead. Sturdy doesn't even cover it; we wouldn't be surprised if this headset's still trucking long after the nuclear bombs wipe out all living beings.

Somehow, it manages to be comfortable at the same time, too. It doesn't feel great at first, but after hours of play it never digs in, and that's hella rare.

The cords are braided and thick, and the USB connectors are gold plated. There two options for connecting the headset; either plug it straight into your soundcard's mini jack inputs (one for each channel) or hook it up to an equally well-built volume dial and connect via two USB connectors.

By messing about with the front and rear volume settings, you can amplify certain areas around you in-game - boosting the rear volume obviously pinpoints people sneaking up behind you or bullets aimed at your jacksy.

This is an area many manufacturers are messing around with. Creative Recon3D's Scout Mode, anyone?

You can also muck around with mic volume - and according to this reviewer's online compatriots, the mic sounds as 'good as any other mic'.

Now there's a seal of approval.

So we're back to the price - it's just a bit flipping expensive.

We want to recommend the Sirus; its incredible build quality and surprising comfort earned it a place in our hearts. But we must put our foot down - it's overpriced.

We liked:

The sound quality and build quality of this CMStorm Sirus is rather impressive. Two things that are absolutely vital in a gaming headset.

Second to that is comfort and the big surprise with these chunky cans is that they don't end up crushing your head during extending gaming sessions.

We dislike:

At over £100 it's tough not to be put off by the price-tag. They are impressive bits of audio tech, but it's quite an outlay for a gaming headset.

Final word:

The CMStorm Sirus is like a tank with comfy, velour seats. And like said imaginary vehicleit's a bit expensive.