Veho VMS-001 Microscope

Less science, more cheap edutainment

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Our Verdict

The bundled third-party software is a disappointment, but it's still good, cheap fun


  • Good value
  • Fun
  • Well made


  • Poor quality software

T here's no way you're going to use this USB microscope for diagnostic medicine, but it's cheap, educational fun for all the family.

The quality of the image sensor is a little poor – highlights can get blown out, and if you're using it in anything other than bright light, you can get some unpleasant noise in the images – but it does a sterling job of magnifying small objects.

Coins, fabric and more take on a whole new dimension, and you should get a lot of use from such a cheap little device. The posable, removable stand works very well, and while the focussing ring can be hard to get exactly right, the build quality is generally good.

The bundled third-party webcam software is clunky and processor-intensive, however, and it can't turn on the built-in white LEDs; we couldn't even coax it into working via a VMware Fusion virtual PC.

Veho should have spent some time building its own Mac software rather than simply bundling something that's not designed specifically for the VMS-001.