Chillblast Fusion Cosmos review

A veritable gaming goliath in every sense

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By picking the Palit JetStream versions of the Nvidia GTX 670s, though, Chillblast has helped itself out with any cooling problems.

The cards' twin-fan cooling solutions keep them running happily at top speed. The SLI pairing of the GTX 670s means you get the same sort of gaming performance you'd get out of the rare-as-hen's- teeth Nvidia GeForce GTX 690, but without the extra expense of that card.

It's a neat solution, but does include a rather hefty 1050W PSU.

Fortunately though, Corsair makes some of the most efficient PSUs around, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Holy frame rates!

When you see the likes of Batman: Arkham City being thrown around with 4x anti-aliasing, at 2,560 x 1,600, on the highest settings at over 100fps, you're not going to care what sort of power the pixel pushers are dragging off the grid. Our Shogun 2 and DiRT 3 benchmarks (at 1080p and 2,560 x 1,600) threw up frame rates in triple figures too.

So it's a gaming goliath, but also so much more than that.

This machine is going to excel at pretty much any task. Okay, it may not quite have the chops of a hexcore Sandy Bridge E chip, but the eight threads of the i7 3770K, running at 4.6GHz a piece, means that it's not a million miles away.

In fact, with the £760 Intel Core i7 3960X running at stock speed this machine actually outpaces it by a couple of frames per second in our video encoding benchmark.

We liked

The back-up crew of 16GB of speedy memory, a capacious SSD and vast HDD make for one of the most impressive all-round PCs we've had through our labs.

Sure it's expensive, but it's still cheaper than both the YOYOTech XDNA Platinum and the OcUK Ultima 9450i Mosasaur MKII. And neither of those can really claim any real performance lead for their price premium.

We disliked

Our only real problem with the Fusion Cosmos then is that sky-high price. You could sacrifice the awesome, capacious chassis in favour of something a little less monolithic, but that would still only just push it under the £2,000 mark.

If you want this sort of performance in your own rig, you've got to pay for it.


This monolithic Chillblast Fusion Cosmos may be rather expensive, but it hasn't skimped on any component, and it offers a great mix of gaming and raw processing chops.