Kingston SSDNow V+ 200 480GB review

Less than £1 per gigabyte for decent SSD speeds

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As always with a SandForce controlled drive its handling of writing incompressible data isn't as impressive as when it's dealing with compressible files.

Coupled with the fact the SSDNow V+200 uses asynchronous NAND, which is none too fond of it either, and you have a bit of a double whammy. This really shows in the 4K random write test which are the slowest in the entire SSDNow V+200 lineup.

That's a common situation with SSDs around this sort of capacity, and not just SandForce-based drives either. As soon as you edge toward the 500GB mark performance just tanks.

To highlight who this drive is marketed at, the SSDNow V+200 has RAISE technology – as well as the usual DuraClass data protection technology in the SandForce controller – which helps guard data in case of flash block failures.

That ought to cut down the data errors that can cause drive failures in the long term.

Our review drive was one of the upgrade kit versions that Kingston releases in parallel with the basic drive range. The kit is probably the most extensive available.

It provides an external USB enclosure (unfortunately USB 2.0 only), a mounting bracket to fit the drive in a 3.5-inch drive bay, SATA data and power cables and cloning software.

Seeing as the upgrade kit version costs around £8 more than a bare drive, it's a no brainer which version to choose.

We liked

Only the sequential read speed of the Kingston drive is significantly off the pace compared with the much more expensive Intel 480GB drive.

You're not losing much in the performance stakes, so it offers a relatively cost-effective way of hitting high SSD capacities.

We disliked

As with all SandForce-equipped drives the incompressible data speed is sadly off the pace.

With the cheaper asynchronous flash, and higher capacity that performance drop off is even more noticeable.


If you need a large capacity SSD, and don't necessarily need blistering performance, then it's a drive to add to your list.