Buffalo Ministation Turbo USB 120GB

A hard drive with its own turbo-boost

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Our Verdict

If you have the USB ports spare, this is a handy external hard drive


  • Sturdily built

    Fast file transfer


  • Requires two USB ports

On the surface, this looks like any other external 120GB hard drive designed for the mobile user. Simply plug it in, allow Windows or the Mac OS to locate it and you have a large capacity drive to back up all your files.

However, plug in the second USB lead and the Turbo of the name boots in, with the drive running up to 60 per cent faster in turbo mode, making transferring large files a great deal easier.

The plastic casing has been built with a good degree of shock absorbency to it, so the drive will easily survive in your briefcase.

A supplied CD-ROM comes with a range of back-up and security tools that help keep your data safe and make backing up your laptop's main hard drive so much easier.

This is a great external drive and, as long as you've got the USB ports to spare, it makes an ideal addition.