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Patriot Sector 5 2,400MHz review

Is it worth going for the extreme clockspeeds?

Patriot Sector 5 2400MHz
TechRadar's Patriot Sector 5 2400MHz review

We liked

We're suckers for big numbers here on TechRadar, so that eye-catching 2,400MHz specification is certainly desirable. Likewise, Patriot has equipped the Sector 5 triple-channel kit with decent cooling in the form of proper alloy heat sinks and fins, not merely pressed metal spreaders.

We disliked

The problem with promising the earth is that people are liable to be disappointed when you fail to deliver. So it is for Patriot and its clock-tastic 2,400MHz DDR3 memory kit. By most metrics, 2,000MHz is hardly slow for a triple-channel memory solution. But when it says 2,400MHz on the packet, you're bound to feel short changed.

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