A-Data XPG Plus 1866+ review

Does an elaborate cooling system mean better performance?

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We liked

Technology for the sake of it is a favourite theme on TechRadar. So despite doubts regarding the efficacy of high end cooling in the context of memory performance, we salute A-Data for giving this triple-channel DDR3 kit some funky-looking pipes and fins. Of more practical use, perhaps, is the enormous overclocking headroom. Overclockers looking for maximum flexibility could do a lot worse.

We disliked

While we are all about the funky tech, we do still like it to deliver some tangible gains if it's going to cost a lot of money. While the A-Data XPG Plus's cooling is a nice feature, we're far from convinced it justifies the massive price premium.

Given the slight performance issues at really high clocks, there's probably better value to be had elsewhere.

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