Hiper Type R MK II

Good value PSU with some attractive features

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Our Verdict

Puts in a decent enough performance, but this PSU doesn't do much to stand out from its rivals


  • USB hub
  • Competitive price


  • Not as efficient as some rivals

Despite the rating of 680W you can just about call this a 700W supply, as it managed to creep over the line with a few watts to spare.

This means that as a straight comparison with the higher-rated BFG ES SERIES 800 it still stands up. It certainly does on price, coming in at almost £50 cheaper with more consistent temperature readings across the board. It's not the coolest supply we've seen, but it shouldn't melt your case, either.

Efficiency-wise it can't match the BFG's performance at the lower levels, falling way behind at a 25% load, but conversely it manages to pull slightly ahead at peak load.

The cabling (although not modular) is spread out enough to stop the usual mess of wires. The rear-mounted USB hub is a bonus too, but ultimately it's a touch gimmicky.