Prolimatech Genesis review

Funky shape, serious cooling

Prolimatech genesis

As the Prolimatech Genesis doesn't ship with any fans we used two 120mm high-flow units, but as the unit also accepts 140mm units it's going to be possible to run this cooler relatively quietly and still shift lungfuls of cooling air through its fins.

Installation of the Prolimatech Genesis is relatively painless, unusually we're actually fans of its universal mounting system.

It not only simplifies maintenance, as it's easy to remove, but it's solid and can utilise the standard motherboard backplate if you happen to already have one in place. The only bugbear was, idiotically, one of the heatpipes would catch the mounting system, though ultimately this didn't hinder installation.

Once fired up the Prolimatech Genesis frankly blew us away, and not because of the fans.

Its unloaded performance managed to match that of the equally impressive Prolimatech Armageddon running 17c cooler than the stock unit and under cutting most other similar units by at least 1C if not 3C.

Putting the unit under load only improved this performance with it managing to outclass even the Prolimatech Armageddon by 2C and frankly doing unspeakable things to the stock cooler by achieving a 20C drop compared to it.

We'd normally be tempted to criticise the unit for shipping with no fans whatsoever but this enables the unit to be priced incredibly competitively. It's also likely most people buying this will already have suitable fans or will have their eye on the ones they want.

We liked:

The performance is the one thing to take away from this, it's simply excellent.

Couple that with a reasonable price tag, and if you're after a high-performance cooler and don't mind supplying your own fan, then you're onto a winning combination.

We disliked:

After all the praise the Prolimatech Genesis is a large cooler and that's going to turn many people off.

Adding two extra fans to the price is also going to push up the total cost way above something like the Xigmatek Aegir, which for many people is going to do a perfectly adequate job.

Final word:

A perfect choice for those after a high-performance air cooler that don't mind its size.