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OCZ Vendetta 2 review

Effective and efficient cooling for your PC

Our Verdict

A good budget cooling solution


  • Great price
  • Strong performance


  • Awkward to install
  • Quite bulky

The Vendetta 2 is, inevitably, very similar to its predecessor.

They have kept the three copper pipes in contact with the CPU to ensure rapid heat removal, and kept it ultra silent. The biggest difference between the two is that the Vendetta 2 has a full 120mm fan bundled with it.

Frustrating setup

The main problem with installing a new cooler has to be taking your rig apart to do the deed.

Fortunately, the Vendetta doesn't have this problem as, unlike some of its heavier counterparts, it uses just the ordinary Intel clips and AMD's bracket.

Assembling the Vendetta can be frustrating experience though, as the rubber connectors are tough to fit; you can find yourself cursing for half-an-hour while you get it on and in.

Great performer

Once the trauma of installation is over the Vendetta is practically silent, and a great performer. Using a P4 3.2 Extreme it idles at 40°C and at full whack tops out at around 55°C.

The Vendetta 2 isn't without a few shortcomings, however. I have found that it sticks out of some smaller cases due to its height, but all-in-all the new Vendetta is a great performer and with OCZ keeping the price around the £20 mark - like the previous model - it makes it a worthy purchase.