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CoolIT Eco C240 A.L.C. review

Serious cooling for serious 'clockers

CoolIT Eco C240 A.L.C.
Closed-loop water cooling for your CPU

CoolIT eco c240 a.l.c.

Two pipes lead away to the solidly-built radiator and its two 12cm PWM fans. This is where you might have some fun, as you'll need a case that can fit this venting to the outside properly.

Some pushing and shoving may be required.

Annoyingly the fan's power leads are shorter than the pipes, so you might need extenders if the radiator is too far away.

Given the huge cooling area the fans don't have to work too hard either, and hence are good and quiet. It's all sealed and maintenance-free too; no top-ups required.

The days of rather haphazard water-cooling kits are long gone; this is a properly-sorted piece of engineering.

So does it work?

Oh yes, it works wonderfully. Tested on an i7 930 (145 TDP) we measured an average idle temperature of 31 degrees, that's a clear two degrees cooler than the single fan Eco A.L.C. we also tested.

Crank up the loading to maximum and it averaged a frankly amazing 49 degrees.

This is the first time we've recorded a reading under load that was less than 50 degrees for any cooler. A top-notch tower cooler such as Titan's Fenrir comes in at 51.25 under load and 32 degrees at idle. Liquid cooling clearly has the edge, and works even more effectively as demands increase.

The cost of the C240 might cause you to blanche though, you could buy four decent traditional fins and pipes coolers for the £125 and still have change for pizza.

Running stock-clocked processors is a complete waste though; this is aimed squarely at overclockers who like to live dangerously. And not the blue LED type of tinkerer either. This is all-black industrial cooling for those in search of every last ounce of performance.

If this is you, then here is your cooler.

We liked:

CoolIT's ECO C240 is a lot of cooler in every way. Yes, it carries a fair premium over air-cooled designs, but you get a powerful no-nonsense design that delivers what overclockers want: massive heat transfer rates.

We disliked:

The real rivals are CoolIT's other versions, cheaper and nearly as effective. Getting the radiator sited neatly is the only drawback we found in testing, otherwise it's no more tricky than traditional coolers to run.

Final word:

CoolIT's Eco C240 A.L.C. is a practically, and efficiently, designed closed-loop liquid CPU cooler. It delivers incredible performance, but that does come with a fairly hefty price premium for that double-width radiator.