Mystique 632 Black

Turn your PC into a freaky-looking desktop system

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Our Verdict

A really interesting stab at individualist design, and well built, but the aesthetics are... risky.


  • Top-mounted ports


  • Not pretty

Those Cooler Master cats may be satisfied living in a world of Borg pods and big orange glowing lozenges, but we're not so sure they're on the right aesthetic level with this case. it's rather freaky looking.

Points have been awarded, however, for the top-mounted ports, and the fact that the smoothmoving space-doors covering the front of this chassis make a marked difference to the amount of chilly air that gets through.

With a lighter metal stock than many cases, it's no surprise that the Mystique's frame heats up fairly quickly, and we felt hotspots appear on the top-rear and all over the base. But the combination of quiet fans and a splendidly tool-free solid design means you can find solace basking in its warmth, nonetheless. Alex Cox