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CoolerMaster HAF X case review

CoolerMaster tries to make the dream cooling PC case

Cooler Master HAF X
The Cooler Master HAF is about fans, and little else

CoolerMaster haf x

As soon as you turn on the HAF X, the front mounted, red LED backlit, 230mm fan announces itself.

If 230mm isn't big enough, there's a 240mm side mounted fan just below the top 200mm fan. The rear fan must feel very insecure at a mere 140mm.

Cooler Master has gone to town on this case.

Even the most daring overclockers will be more than happy with the stock cooling options inside this case. Should any lunatic feel the need for more however, there's a top-mounted grille to fit another 200mm fan.

Cooler Master has cooling covered with the HAF X then, predictably. But has it compromised in other design aspects on the way? Is it only HAF good? Sorry.

Anyway, truth is Cooler Master has rather overdesigned the inner gubbins of the HAF X. The 'advanced GPU holder' and air duct have been designed to keep your graphics card(s) in place and cooled, but in fact is just an unnecessary fiddle.

There's a power supply cable partition for 'neatness', but the plethora of cables that come from the case itself to power all the fans, LEDs and USB ports rather nullify that gesture.

Despite its ample proportions, the HAF X is still a slightly clumsy case to build your system in, and it's come at the cost of all that cooling.

We liked:

On the bright side, it looks like the Batmobile. There's a pleasing union of decoration and necessity in the aesthetic of the HAF X that save it from looking like a cheap toy.

We disliked:

Cooler Master is pricing the HAF X to enthusiasts, and intends it to be the 'dream case' around which serious PC users build their dream systems.

As such, it's not ideal. There are cases in the same price bracket that offer more versatility for building systems, such as Corsair's Obsidian Series 700D.

Final word:

If you've got a little dollar to play with and you're looking to build a powerful but more straightforward system (and you're obsessed with fans), Cooler Master has made the HAF X for you, sir.