BitFenix Colossus review

There's no doubt it's colossal, but does the BitFenix Colossus have what it takes to be a gaming giant?

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Colossus is an apt name for this chassis, and its huge black metal exterior – with LED stripes scored into the side – feels solid, tough and great quality.

The hatch on top not only houses two USB 3.0 ports and a fan speed control unit, but also a serves as a lockable compartment to protect your phone and valuables as well. We're sure any would-be thief would steal the whole unit if they wanted to, but it's a nice touch for hiding things away. It's also very well positioned for access when the tower is on the floor.

Inside, there's room for seven 3.5-inch hard drives. Fitting is tool-free using some flimsy-feeling plastic mounts. Unlike many of its competitors, which can only hold one or two 2.5-inch SSDs, each bay in the Colossus can hold a SSD without adjustment, so your case will be ready for future expansion.

The cooling inside is also colossal, and the two 230mm front and top mounted fans do a great job of dissipating heat. If you're running an overclocked system, there's plenty of room for extra fans and ducts for water cooling. The fan speed can be controlled from the top of the case.

One concern with the Colossus is the room available for long graphics cards. Chassis such as the CoolerMaster HAF 912 Plus come with multiple removable drive enclosures, which can be taken out to make extra room. In the Colossus, all of the seven 3.5-inch bays are in one cage, so there's no extra room if you need it.

Cable management inside the Colossus is another fantastic feature, and it's possible to feed cables beneath a second plate, located behind the motherboard. It comes with rubber membranes, which allow the cables to pass back into the case in a neat and hassle-free way.

We liked

The Colossus looks great, and we loved the access to the USB ports and fan speed controls in the top hatch, especially the novelty lock. The tool free fitting for the drive bays, which convert easily to 2.5-inch SSD drives, is also an especially neat touch.

We disliked

Space inside the Colossus is an issue, surprisingly, for those with super-long graphics cards, but for most users this won't be an issue.

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