O Play

When we test devices like this, we're always sure to try absolutely everything – to make sure it's not going to crash when you access a certain option or menu etc.

We tried setting the screen output to 1080i while the O!Play was plugged into a screen that was not capable of displaying that exact resolution. The screen went black, and displayed the on-screen warning 'out of range' – exactly what we were expecting to happen.

The next thing we would have expected would be for the O!Play to realise the problem and to return to the original display setting. Otherwise we'd be left staring helplessly at a blank screen!

To our horror, the O!Play did not detect the problem and we were left with the blank screen of death.

Blank screen

But don't panic – there's a master reset button on the side of the device. If we give that a poke with a paper clip, the O!Play will return to its master settings and then it'll be ok – right?

Wrong. The master reset seemingly did nothing other than turn the device off and on again. The display problem remained. We had to return to our test room in order to plug it back into a Full HD display and change the settings that way.

This is a fundamental flaw – not least because most people don't have multiple screens knocking around. If this kind of thing happened to most people, they'd be screwed, and for that the O!Play cannot be forgiven.