Iiyama E2271HDS review

Can Iiyama stand out in the crowded £150 Full HD monitor arena?

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Iiyama e2271hds

If size matters, so does image quality. The 22-inch Iiyama E2271HDS's relatively compact proportions combined with its Full HD pixel grid certainly delivers when it comes to games. The dot pitch of just 0.248mm makes for razor sharp images. In fact, it's debatable whether anti-aliasing is necessary with this monitor. That's always handy in terms of maximising frame rates and gaming smoothness.

Then there's the snappy pixel response and powerful LED backlight. Put it all together and you have an outstanding little panel for gamers on a budget. The E2271HDS has decent video playback chops, too. As TN technology goes, there's lots of contrast on offer enabling plenty of detail in dark movie sequences. Black levels are pretty damn good, too.

Overall, the colours are fairly vibrant and saturated, again in the context of TN panels – any really good PVA monitor will lead the E2271HDS for visual punch. What's more, flesh tones are a little green, betraying a slighty off-kilter colour balance. While we're splitting hairs, a whiff of backlight bleed is visible along the top and bottom of the panel.

The viewing angles aren't all that hot, either. Colour inversion is just visible in the bottom half of the panel from normal viewing distances. Contrary to our expectations, given the subjective viewing experience, the Lagom test images reveal significant compression in brighter tones.

Finally, our test sample suffered from a stuck pixel slap bang in the centre of the panel. It's likely a rare anomaly, but it is a reminder of just how distracting stuck pixels can be, especially when they're bright green and right in the centre of the screen.

We liked

By some metrics, the Iiyama E2271HDS proves that bigger isn't always better. The panel's super tight pixel pitch makes for searing visuals. Meanwhile, the LED backlight packs a serious punch, too. We're also pleasantly surprised by the detail on offer during video playback and the relatively punchy colours.

We disliked

In isolation, this is a great panel with an LED backlight and full-HD resolution for £150. Problem is, the competition is arguably even better. The LG E2350V offers similar visuals but in a larger 23-inch package while the BenQ EW2420 adds yet another inch and VA panel technology.