Optoma ML550

The brightest, nicest and best connected palm projector yet

Optoma ML550
The Optoma ML550 - expensive, but worth it

We liked

Easy to set up and with plentiful connectivity on its rear, the ML550 isn't likely to let you down. Able to project a crisp, bright image in almost any ambient light conditions, it's equally at home with PDFs and Powerpoint presentations as with photos and video files.

Optoma ML550 review

We disliked

Sadly, the ML550 - as it comes - has no Wi-Fi. A separate, add-on Wi-Fi dongle is available, which allows the ML550 to wirelessly project from smartphones and tablets installed with the impressive EZ-View app (iOS and Android) that's also used by other projector brands such as BenQ and ViewSonic.

It's a shame this doesn't come as a default since we can imagine that most prospective buyers of the ML550 would expect some kind of wireless tablet integration, though we suppose this projector is already priced quite highly.

Final verdict

Brighter than its competitors at this size and enormously well connected, Optoma has come up with something quite special for those after something to power portable presentations.

Easy to stow and a cinch to set up and operate, we're nevertheless wary that the ML550 comes with no tablet/smartphone features as standard.

An optional Wi-Fi dongle is needed for that - at extra expense - which does seem rather archaic in our post-dongle days, but an ML550 with a dongle added adds up to the most versatile and capable ultra-mobile projector around. Expensive, but worth it.