Sony Vaio S Series 13P review

Sony's flagship business device ticks all the right boxes

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Cinebench 10: 11,226
3D Mark '06: 6,538
Battery Eater '05: 203 minutes

Listing specifications is all well and good, but using the Sony Vaio S Series 13P for real is when you appreciate the extra touches Sony has included.

For example, at the top of the chassis, above the keyboard is a switch that toggles the laptop's performance between speed and stamina – switching the configuration depending on whether you want maximum performance or to conserve the battery life.

It's nothing you can't do yourself in the Control Panel of course, but having the shortcut right in front of you is useful and time saving.

We've often praised Sony for the usability of its laptops and with the Vaio S Series 13P it's a case of 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

The spacious isolation-style keyboard is very comfortable to use and there's a good depth of travel considering the slimness of the chassis.

The added backlight also helps during those late-night typing sessions.

The multi-gesture touchpad is a wide rectangle with curving edges and integrated buttons.

Next to the gloss of the metallic palm rest it's very easily distinguished and comfortable to use and the buttons are very nicely weighted.

As we mentioned earlier, the Vaio S Series 13P remained cool and quiet, even when we were pushing it with several programs going at once, as well as streaming video from the internet.

Sony Vaio S Series 13P review

The operating system is Windows 7 Professional and the 8GB of RAM kept the overall performance smooth and lag free.

Although the 256GB solid-state drive doesn't give you a great deal in terms of storage, the benefit is apparent in the boot-up and general performance speed.

You can have the Vaio S Series 13P up and running in a matter of seconds from hibernation, and this is perfect for when you want to quickly hammer out an email or edit a document on the move.

We mentioned that media wasn't the strong point of the Vaio S Series 13P, and this is more apparent when you try playing music through the speakers.

You can hit a respectable volume with the Vaio S Series 13P, but quality isn't as good as we've heard from the likes of the HP Envy Spectre.

However, we do have to give the Vaio S Series 13P credit for its battery life, which came in at 203 minutes during our Battery Eater benchmarking.