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Samsung SF310 review

Samsung's new thin and light is curvier than most, but can it marry performance and stamina with those seductive looks?

Samsung SF310
Can the Samsung SF310 really impress?

The Samsung SF310 is a 13.3-inch 'thin and light' laptop, although at over 2kg the 'light' part may be pushing things a little. You do get a healthy chunk of components for your cash, though, not least of which is the Core i5 processor beating at its heart – specifically, the 460M running at 2.53GHz.

In turbo, you can expect this to hit 2.8GHz when the dual-core processor is put under pressure.

The Core i5-460M is a powerful processor, although the recent introduction of the next generation Core i5 chips under the Sandy Bridge codename conspire to make this feel dated already.

Samsung has equipped this chip with the right tools to do its job, though, with 4GB of DDR3 system memory (complete with a 64-bit OS to make the most of it) and a healthy 320GB providing plenty of storage space. You're even given the option of backing up to DVD if needed.

Wireless 802.11b/g/n networking comes as standard, and Samsung claims that the six-cell battery is good for nearly eight hours of use. Bluetooth 3.0 support makes an appearance in the SF310, along with a rather natty USB 2.0 port that can power your devices even when the machine is off (as long as you have power, of course).

The big star of the specification list has to be the discrete Nvidia GeForce 310M GPU, which packs 16 CUDA cores (DirectX 10.1 compatible) and 512MB of RAM to call its own.

This GPU supports Optimus too, which means the graphics engine is only used when needed – gaming and any 3D work – which in turn means means you get more out of the SF310's battery.