Samsung Series 7 Gamer review

An attractive laptop powerful enough to run the latest games. What's the catch?

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Samsung series 7 gamer review

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer is a bit of a funny one. Going by the laptop's specs alone, it should have been an astounding PC, but when using it we just can't get too enthusiastic about it.

It's got the graphical chops to handle the latest games, yet even in Windows 7 it doesn't feel as slick or accomplished as it should. It's a big beast, and the illuminated bells and whistles everywhere won't be to everyone's taste.

We liked

The mobile components in the Samsung Series 7 Gamer are pretty much the best you can get. Playing some of the latest games on their max graphical settings on a portable PC is undoubtedly great, and the laptop is future-proof enough for you to not have to worry about upgrading any time soon. 3D and Blu-ray playback give this laptop further versatility as a media PC.

We disliked

The unnecessary LEDs, lights and desktop themes are at best an ugly distraction and at worse damaging to the Samsung Series 7 Gamer's performance. A laptop of this power shouldn't hang when we go to shut down Windows 7. We feel that wiping the hard drive and installing a vanilla version of Windows 7 without Samsung's pointless additions would give a much more satisfying user experience. Also we can't help but be disappointed by the minuscule battery life. If it needs to be tethered to a power supply, then what makes it so different from a desktop PC?

Final verdict

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer is a good laptop that could have - and should have - been great, but ultimately it doesn't do quite enough to justify its steep price tag.