Samsung Series 7 Gamer review

An attractive laptop powerful enough to run the latest games. What's the catch?

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Samsung series 7 gamer review

Getting the specifications right on a gaming laptop such as the Samsung Series 7 Gamer is essential. Putting components in that are too powerful will drastically increase the price of the laptop, drain the battery in a matter of seconds and could cause the laptop to overheat and become unstable. On the other hand, too many cut corners and compromises lead to a gaming laptop that struggles with games on high settings, and will soon be out of date.

So does the Samsung Series 7 Gamer get the balance right enough to justify its not-inconsiderable price tag? Things look good when it comes to the processor - the Samsung 7 Gamer boasts an Intel Core i7 2670QM clocked at 2.2GHz. While the performance of this processor lags behind its desktop brethren such as the Intel Core i7 980X or even the Intel Core i5 2500K, it's one of the best mobile processors available for laptops.

With four cores and hyper-threading for eight threads at once, this is no slouch in the power department. It also only requires 45W total draw power, which takes the pressure off the battery.

Samsung series 7 gamer review

Because the Intel Core i7 2670QM is built on Sandy Bridge architecture, a graphics processing unit is built into the CPU core. A nice addition, yes, but of no use to a laptop keen to show off its gaming credentials.

For that you need a dedicated graphics card, and in the Samsung Series 7 Gamer's case this is covered by the AMD HD6970M GDDR5 2GB. This is another good choice, since it's an incredibly well specified mobile graphics card that will handle pretty much all recent games on their highest settings, as well as DirectX 11 effects and whatnot.

It's also capable of AMD's answer to Nvidia's stereoscopic 3D technology 3DVision - the AMD HD3D. While AMD HD3D hasn't had quite as much presence as Nvidia 3DVision - mainly due to AMD's lateness to the stereoscopic 3D gaming party - it is just as capable, with a wide selection of compatible games supplied by third party developers.

So all you need is a 3D screen. Oh wait. The Samsung 7 Gamer has that covered as well, and also throws in a pair of Samsung's 3D PC glasses to boot. Coupled with a Blu-ray drive, the Samsung 7 Gamer is a pretty future-proof laptop for both games and media.

A hefty 8GB of DDR3 RAM helps things ticking along nicely without getting into unnecessary, gratuitous and expensive territory, and a 1.5TB hard drive offers plenty of room. OK so there's no SSD, which is a bit of a shame, but on the whole the Samsung Series 7 Gamer's specs are impeccable. And anyway, isn't £1,499 expensive enough?