Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus review

An Ultrabook that's affordable for all

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Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus review

Summarising our final thoughts on the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus is tricky. Its main selling point is its incredibly low price, which is even lower if you leave Windows out and opt to install your own operating system.

That alone should ensure Novatech enjoys healthy sales of its Ultrabook range.

We liked

Performance-wise, it's nothing special, but the results are more than competitive when compared with other Ultrabooks. In use, we never ran into a situation where we felt the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus was starting to buckle under pressure. Admittedly, we wouldn't choose this computer for editing video in Adobe Premiere, though.

For office tasks, such as writing and editing documents, spreadsheets and looking up information online, an Ultrabook such as the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus is perfectly fine, and it meets the goal of a mobile PC that will perform adequately, with a long battery life, under a relatively light load.

We disliked

Despite the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus ticking most boxes for performance, and putting in an excellent show in our battery tests, something is missing here that more expensive Ultrabooks possess. The lack of USB 3.0 is slightly irritating, but for us, isn't a deal breaker.

Its the bulky frame, comparatively hefty weight and average build quality that are the real reminder of its low price point.

Final verdict

This isn't a PC laptop that will impress onlookers when you first take it out of its bag. It isn't just the lack of a brand name - we think its appearance really is as bog standard as you can get, at least for an Ultrabook.

Sat next to Apple's undeniably beautiful MacBook Air, it isn't hard to see why the Novatech Nfinity n2367 Plus costs less. It lacks personality, and there's nothing to distinguish it from the crowd, which firms such as Dell, HP and Asus have tried hard to achieve with their Ultrabook designs.

Its dimensions may seem hefty compared with other Ultrabooks, and it certainly won't win any beauty contests, but the Novatech nFinity 2367 Plus is lighter and thinner than a traditional laptop from a few years ago, performs well and doesn't cost the earth.

For these reasons, it's certainly worth considering.