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Medion Akoya P6635 review

A budget 15-inch laptop with plenty of grunt

Medion Akoya P6635
Medion Akoya P6635

Brands like Medion have carved a real niche in the Australian market by taking the latest high quality components and building truly affordable machines with limited distribution.

While some elements of the P6635's performance won't stack up to premium laptops from competitors, when compared on a performance per dollar basis, it's easy to see where the value lies.

We liked

The chiclet keyboard was a pleasure to type on, especially thanks to the full size keys and accompanying number pad.

Connectivity was equally impressive thanks to the abundance of USB ports, DVD drive and wireless options on board.

But the best aspect about this Medion laptop is its price. At AUD$799 for a third generation Core i7 processor with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU, this is practically the personification of value for money.

We disliked

The display was a disappointment, especially after we started watching HD video. While it was fine for documents and browsing the web, the 1366 x 768 screen just wasn't up to par for HD video.

Also disappointing was the design of the laptop. While the plastic sheen on the case didn't stand out in a bad way, the sheer bulk of the computer effectively negated the portability aspect of it.

Battery life was underwhelming at 150 minutes, with the laptop running on high performance mode. Obviously you can get more by conserving power, but other similar laptops do offer more juice.

Final Verdict

The Medion Akoya P6635 is the perfect product for the budget conscious. Affordable, with a few sacrifices to keep price down, but all around excellent value for money.

For graphic designers or passionate PC gamers, this probably isn't the machine for you. But for anyone on a budget looking for a reliable machine with the latest components, this is an excellent value proposition at AUD$799.