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Medion Akoya P6635 review

A budget 15-inch laptop with plenty of grunt

Medion Akoya P6635
Medion Akoya P6635

3DMark06 - 9124
Cinebench 10 - 14,667
Battery Eater - 150 minutes

The screen, while bright enough, is probably the Akoya's biggest weakness. Not only are both horizontal and vertical viewing angles restricted, but high definition video content can look blocky and jagged, instead of smooth and detailed like they should.

The keyboard, on the other hand, is a joy to type on, while the trackpad is fairly responsive with single finger tracking, although does get a bit temperamental when you try and use multitouch gestures.

The touch sensitive shortcut keys at the top of the keyboard work, although only if you press them in just the right way. Given the full QWERTY keyboard, it's surprising that Medion even bothered including these buttons, although they are nice to have as an alternative.

As the benchmarks attest, this is far from the fastest 15-incher available on the market, although it would be interesting to see how the Akoya performs with an extra 4GB of RAM in there. It would be well worth budgeting that extra memory into the price if you're considering grabbing one of these laptops.

Battery life came in at 150 running Battery Eater, which was far less than you would expect from a laptop of this bulk. Then again, with portability far from a strong point, you'll probably always have it near a power point anyway.