Dell Inspiron 15R review

Dell's entry-level Inspiron range gets a comprehensive overhaul

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Dell inspiron 15r group

The Inspiron 15R is the first example of the new Inspiron range. Benefitting from a complete overhaul both internally and externally, the laptop now features a brand new look and a set of specifications to challenge the other big guns in the market.

And that – we get the impression – is exactly what Dell is doing. Its been a rocky few years for the company, and with HP and Acer doing so well its clearly making aggressive moves in a bid to snatch back the initiative.

We liked

This is a great laptop at a very competitive price, it's great to see the Inspiron range taken to the next level.

The new look is great, and belies the price point of the Inspiron 15R. The brushed aluminium palm rest is a particular favourite, making this laptop a pleasure to own.

The quality of the components used is impressive. The fantastic screen, powerful processor and graphics card, quantity of memory and storage all sell themselves – you're unlikely to find a combination this good elsewhere for drastically cheaper.

We disliked

It's hard to pick faults with such a decent laptop, so we're going to have to get picky. The sound quality produced by the speakers is disappointing, as is the noise the fan makes when the computer needs cooling down.

Portability is a bit lacking, thanks to the 187-minute battery life, and usability wise the keyboard could provider a firmer typing experience.

Finally, the rear-facing USB ports and touchpad proved to be a bit of an irritant.


For the money, the Dell Inspiron 15R is a great machine. There are few niggles, but these are more than compensated for by the power and usability on offer from the laptop. The net result is this one of the best machines around.

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