Proporta Mobile Survival Kit

A mobile recharger with a stack of attachments

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Our Verdict

An inexpensive, pocket-sized power house that can be used again and again


  • Highly versatile

    Easy to use and affordable

Ever been stuck in the sticks and had the battery run out on your gadget? Well, fear not, because this easy-to-carry, top-up station covers just about every gadget we could find for it. It even includes a nifty little iPod adaptor.

The battery recharges itself via any USB port using the boxed cable. A car-charging adaptor is an optional extra. When fully charged the on/off button glows green (red when nearly empty) and you simply plug in the right adaptor for your gadget and away you go.

It's thin and portable, and unlike those one-time-charge disposable batteries this one can be charged repeatedly. And it comes with an 80% charge right out of the box.

A flat 5G U2 iPod took three charges from the battery over the course of the weekend. Proporta claims it could give that sized iPod eight-and-a-half charges from one full charge of the Survival Kit battery if necessary.