Tado review

Finally, an end to fiddly thermostats and wasted energy

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Once the system is installed and you've entered your preferred settings, there's really nothing else to do - your heating will come on when you wake up or get home and switch off when you leave the house.

You can switch to manual control if, for example, you're out of the house and you have guests staying or you can install the app on their phone, and then choose whether to include them in Tado's presence detection.

At £249 + £50 for installation it's £50 more than Nest is charging in the UK but while Tado uses your phone for location detection, Nest's "Auto-Away" system uses a sensor on the thermostat.

According to the Nest support site, how quickly Auto-Away activates depends on your schedule: if you always leave at, say, 8am, Auto-Away will activate at around 8:30am, but if your schedule follows a less predictable routine, Auto-Away could take two hours to activate. There are advantages to both systems but to me, Tado's solution feels more elegant.

We liked

It's clear that the creators of Tado hold simplicity as a key tenet, and this is evident in the hardware design, the app's user interface, the ease of set-up and the way that Tado just gets on and does its thing, which is looking after your heating so you don't ever have to think about it.

We disliked

There's really nothing to dislike about Tado as long as you have an Android phone or an iPhone. If you have a Windows phone, or any other phone, you won't like it much, though, because there's no app for you. You could still use the web interface to control your heating but you'd miss out on the location detection, which is a major appeal of Tado.

Final verdict

Tado is a smart system with a minimalist design and an intuitive user interface. It'll save you time fiddling about with heating controls from the minute it's set up, and it'll save you money in the long run. We recommend it wholeheartedly, although if you have any doubts about fitting it yourself we'd advise having it professionally installed.